There’s those who live by structure and planning and those who live by spontaneity and the rush of the “unknown.” I don’t know if this has to do with the fact that according to the Myers-Briggs Model, I’m an “ENFJ,” but I certainly tend to live according to thorough planning.

I started college in August 2015, thinking that I had the next four years to build up a healthy portfolio in order to get a job following graduation in May 2019. I planned which semesters I would take on an internship, which clubs I would join, and that greek life was not for me. Well, after transferring to a new college and bombing an interview for a major news network internship, I found out I’d be graduating a year early as well. My plans were instantly thrown off, and the agenda-setting control-freak in my mind had a meltdown.

In February 2017, I began an internship with Cox Media Group-Long Island. Having made one of the best decisions of my young professional life, I realized that life isn’t going to function according to my extensive timeline. Many employees of CMG-LI had paths that took them elsewhere, and these paths brought them to where they were meant to be. After having a horrible interview for a summer internship, I realized that my plans needed to be adjusted, but that the new path I’d encounter was going to benefit me largely. Then, after learning that my academic career would be summed up in three instead of four years, I realized that I would be one year ahead in work-experience out in the industry, and not in college organizations or the classroom.

My professor talked extensively about her $2 million retirement fund this morning, and it sparked a “Monday Motivation” inside my body. Life isn’t ever going to go as planned, and I need to embrace these obstacles that will throw me off my path, 99% of the time. As I begin to embark on my twenties this year, I am grateful for learning one of the most valuable lessons I could. Everything happens for a reason, and a good one too. This phrase may be considered cliche, but I now find comfort in the unknown. I will continue to plan most aspects of my life, but I will do so without stress if certain agendas head south.

Life is crazy, unexpected, and sometimes difficult to comprehend. However, that’s what shapes us into constant-evolving, wise, and motivated individuals.